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Welcome Y’s Men International South India Region

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, USA in 1922 to support a local YMCA, Y's Men International is now oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA, the largest non-governmental youth organisation, and through it the communities in which it is present throughout the world. Since the YMCA is usually known as "the Y" in the USA, and as the Y's Men movement started there as a club of "men of and for the Y", it was named the "Y's Men's Club".
Judge Paul William Alexander (pictured) was the founder of the first club together with a group of other young men.                 MORE »

  RD's Message

South India Region should be proud to have 77 long Years of legacy inherited as the Esplanade Club in Chennai started during the Year 1940. City Club in Bangalore was followed in the Year 1942. The Region is spread over three States, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Puducherry, divided into 6 Districts- Madras, West District, South Central District, Bangalore 1, Bangalore 2 and Puducherry. Presently we have 90 Clubs with a total membership of 1409.

The theme I have selected is “together we serve”. There are two aspects for this theme. One is the togetherness and the second is the Service. In other words, I have taken two important aspects of our purpose i.e. the fellowship and the service as our Regional Theme. This was done with the intention of making a constant reminder to achieve our main purpose of the Movement. As Y’s Men, we should not forget the core values of our great Movement and should always uphold at all levels.

It is very much gratifying for me that the solidarity shown by the Y’s Men in South India Region recently to face the distress call of the people in Chennai and Puducherry affected by floods. The spontaneous response shown by the members in Chennai and Puducherry is marvellous. Again, almost all the Clubs in south India Region came forward with men, material and funds to support our great Volunteers who worked day and night in the flooded areas, risking their own life, without proper safety equipment. This is the spirit of Y’s Men! We have done the service that too with togetherness.

Our founder, Ysm. Paul William Alexander made the moto of our Movement “to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right”. This was accepted by our leaders. No doubt, our Moto is made meaningful by the actions of our Y’s fraternity. Let us all enjoy the meetings as well as the service we render to the fellow beings. We can make our life meaningful and the service noble.

  RD elects vision

RDE Ysm. ERK’s vision framework: 2016-17
At the outset I must thank the Y’s Men of South India region for choosing me as your Regional Director for the Y’s year 2016-17. I am humbled by the confidence and love you have reposed on me and shall endeavour to keep the dignity and responsibility of the office.

One might ask why the office chose me. Perhaps it was because I have been involved consistently through the last 23 years in Y’s dom, enthusiastically taking up every responsibility or opportunity that came my way and delivering extra ordinary results. The numerous Awards that were bestowed on me speak for itself. As the office of RD chose me, I humbly accept the role of the RD because I am confident that I would perform well and deliver results beyond expectations and I am eager to take up responsibility and will not lose any opportunity.

I have grand plans for the betterment of Y’s dom. The key plan includes:

a) Motivate the Clubs & Leaders in the Region by laying emphasis on my Slogan: “Each one Reach one” to concentrate in increasing the Membership in Y’s dom, both internally as well as externally and help International to attain its dream of touching the 50,000 Membership mark by 2022 - the Centenary year of Y’s Men International.

b) Motivate the Clubs in the Region to think of ways & means to help Mother Nature with my Theme “Go Green…. preserve Nature”

c) Motivate the Clubs in the Region to concentrate on activities aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the ‘poor, aged & sick’ for which I have a special Project “Care for the Elderly & the Infirm”

As your leader, it is essential that I walk the talk. Hence it is all the more important I carry out my actions differently from all my predecessors who were very successful in their own rights. I have a vision to be different by ensuring zero level complacency among the Members & Leaders in the Region, consistently throughout Y’s year.

By the end of my term, my mission is to ensure the creation of maximum number of quality New Clubs & New Members and in the process assist International in realising its dream for 2022. I want to leave a legacy as an RD who was passionate to reinforce the movement by increasing the most number of Membership in one Y’s year & ensuring vibrancy in the grassroots of the Organisation.


Ysm. E Radhakrishnan
Regional Director – SIR: 2016/17

  Immediate past RD’s mesage

Dear Y’s Men families,
I am glad to reinvent the use of our website that lay dormant for many years. In today’s world a website is a must, be it for business or for social, cultural and religious organizations. It makes matters simpler.

This year 2014-15 we decided to revamp our site and give it a new facelift. The task of getting it done was rested on Y’sm Georgekutty, who was handpicked for this job. I am glad that he has done a good job of it. We would soon like to have all our information uploaded so that any member can access any needed information, like reporting format, regional constitution, award criteria etc. This calls for a dedicated team to work on it. I wish to do the maximum possible work on the site. I hope future Regional Directors will carry it forward.
You can make your suggestions to us on matters of improving it which will be taken constructively. I am always of the view that only together can we be able to make a visible change in any sphere of activity. So wish you all a happy new year 2015.

Aby Abraham
Regional Director 2014-15

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